Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Special Connection

It's official, well it was official like 6 weeks ago, Karter is a momma's boy.  There's no denying it, as much as Mark might like to!  Karter seems to have decided that the only person he is really going to like in life is me, which is an honor and a curse all at the same time.

In his first few weeks of life, Karter seemed to be crazy about his dad and other family members, but it seems that things have taken a turn for the worse. Now, Karter screams at the top of his little pterodactyl lungs every time someone else tries to hold him.  This case of the "mommy's" may be due to the fact that he spends the majority of his waking hours (which is about 20 hrs a day) with me. 

At first, I was touched that he liked me so much.  I mean it was kind of rewarding to know that I was the only one who could console my little man.  But now, I just wish I could make him like someone other than me.  The muscles in my arms are bulging now due to having to hold him all the time, which I guess is fine as I never liked lifting weights anyway.  So how do I do get him to like anyone else but me? 

I guess I should take advantage of this time that he wants to be with only me...because chances are in a few months or years he will probably want nothing to do with me and just want to be with his dad.  Let's just hope he outgrows being a momma's boy by the time he is 18...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Am I the only one?

Seriously, sometimes I feel like I am the only mom with a difficult baby.  Maybe people just don't like to talk about it, but am I the only person with a baby who isn't crazy about sleep, wants to be held all the time, and cries for anyone but mom?  If I'm not the only person, then why don't other moms share their struggles?  I'm not trying to complain all the time, it's just that I am desperate for ideas from other moms on how to make my little man happy.

I don't want you to think that I am a bad mom or that I love Karter any less for this.  I know we are so blessed to have such a healthy baby.   I love him more each day and I am continually amazed at the amount of unconditional love I have for him...but there's no denying he's a tricky little baby.

While I wouldn't trade my baby for anything in the world (no, not even a good night's sleep), I do get jealous of people with seemingly perfect babies...those that sleep through the night, don't fuss, etc.  I feel like it makes me seem like a bad mom because my baby isn't happy in comparison to these other babies.  And believe me, I have tried to make him happy, but things only seem to make him happy for a short period of time.  Something that works one day he hates the next even though I keep trying.

I called the lactation consultant the other day for some advice and she spent 35 minutes giving me ideas on how to make him better and it was just frustrating after each idea to say "we've tried that, it doesn't work."  I felt by the end of the conversation she was just making up ideas to try because she wanted to give me some sort of helpful hint (ie "maybe have your husband not wear deodorant, maybe Karter doesn't like the smell"....umm, no, then I might not like my husband!)

There's that saying that "God won't give you any more than you can handle" and I find myself several times a week at night going "Ok, God, I can't handle anymore."  Apparently, God thinks I can handle more because it doesn't seem to be getting easier.  As we were up for an hour and a half last night at 3:30am and I was asking Mark why he thought we were having such a hard time, Mark wisely told me that perhaps God is teaching us patience or that our marriage is being strengthened because if we can get through this then we can get through anything.  While that seems wise and sweet now, at 3:30am it didn't seem like a very good reason to me. 

Oh well, I mean, I guess there's a chance Karter is getting all his difficultness out now and will be a perfect toddler while those other babies are terrors in their terrible two's.  Let's hope.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where would we be without facebook?

Even though my husband despises facebook and refuses to join (I, too, almost felt this way after seeing "The Social Network"), it has become an invaluable resource to me as a first time mom.  I guess mom's managed before such social networking sites, but I don't know how.  It's so nice to have a place where I can post a problem I am having and other moms who have been through the same thing can provide me feedback and solutions to my problems.  I mean, I never would have taken Karter to the chiropractor if it weren't for all the comments I received on facebook.  Who knows where we would be without that advice-definitely not with a baby who is only getting up once at night!  It's so nice to have a platform where mom's can share their knowledge with us newbies!  So moms of the facebook world, keep your input coming as I post struggles along the way...I certainly appreciate it!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I don't know if you can ever go into motherhood with the correct expectations of what it is going to be like (I even read "What to Expect When You're Expecting!).  That may be one of the hardest parts of being a new mom.  Whatever you thought it was going to be like, it's not.  I mean, obviously you know you are going to fall in love with your baby, but you just can't understand how much and how quickly you are going to fall in love until you are holding that baby in your arms for the first time. 

I thought I went into motherhood with pretty realistic expectations.  I knew I would be up to my ears in poopy diapers and that sleep wouldn't be as good as it was before, but I guess I didn't fully understand what it's like to be a mom.  This would probably explain why I had Mark buy me a book of People magazine crossword puzzles so that I would have something to do during my "down" time while off on maternity leave.   Needless to say, I haven't opened that book since Karter got here.  "Down" time seems to be a thing of the past. 

The thing I have learned so far is that I need to be flexible and be ok with the fact that my expectations weren't correct.  I love Karter so much and will learn from him what to expect being a mom.  Hopefully, the second baby will be easier now that we've gone through this once!